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Lifting platform at Gus's Barbell Club

Gus's Barbell Club Illustration of the Gus's Barbell Club mascot, Griff the Griffon, holding a barbell on its back.

Experience the power of Starting Strength training in Louisville, KY. Join Gus's Barbell Club and help shape the foundation of a dynamic strength community.

Call or Text to Start Training

(502) 472-3042

Starting Strength: The Key to Optimal Results

As a method designed to promote rapid strength gains and overall fitness improvement, Starting Strength will help you achieve the best results possible. Whether new to strength training or an experienced lifter, this proven method can help you break through plateaus and reach new personal records.

Rip looks approvingly as Gus deadlifts at the Wichita Falls Athletic Club Rip coaches Gus during the Starting Strength Seminar.

Train in a Private Gym

Tyler trains the deadlift at Gus's Barbell Club Tyler trains the deadlift at Gus's Barbell Club.

Gus's barbell training gym in Louisville, KY is outfitted with exactly what you need for a Starting Strength program. The tools you need to get strong, personal coaching, and no distractions. A place to get the work done and move on with your day.

1235 E. Oak Street

Suite B

Louisville, KY 40204

Training Process

1. Pick Your Intro Session: Low Sweat or No Sweat

Call or text (502) 472-3042 to schedule a free session. You can get moving right away or we can start with a chat.

Low Sweat:

In a free one-hour session you will learn the squat, get a feel for what it's like to work with Gus, and discuss an initial training plan.

No Sweat:

Come see the gym, shake hands and chat with me for 15 minutes. You won't be asked to squeeze in a workout or make any commitments.

2. Learn the Lifts

Starting Strength trains the Squat, Press, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Power Clean. Gus will teach you how to safely and effectively perform each of these lifts.

3. Train with Gus and On Your Own

You'll train multiple sessions per week. Schedule a session at the barbell club when you can! When on your own, Gus can form check videos, answer questions, and help you stay on the program.

4. Improved Results Every Week

Everyone starts with the Novice Linear Progression. You'll see the proof that you're getting stronger in your training log every week.

No experience necessary!

No matter where you start, you can learn to train.

Coach Alex "Gus" Gustafson

Gus racking a power clean.
Gus racking a power clean.

Gus is an aspiring Starting Strength coach in Louisville, KY. When not training, he is a freelance web developer, husband and father, and a chess patzer.


  • Red Cross certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
  • CrossFit Level One Trainer
  • CrossFit: Lesson Planning, Programming, Scaling, Spot the Flaw

Seminars and Camps Attended

  • Starting Strength Seminar
  • Squat and Deadlift Camp (Starting Strength Indianapolis)
  • Press and Bench Press Camp (Starting Strength Indianapolis)
  • OptimizeMe Nutrition: Nutrition Essentials Masterclass
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