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Friends of the Club

No gym can be everything to everyone. I’ve personally been a member of three gyms at the same time when it assisted my training to do so. If there’s something I can do to make the barbell club more suitable to you, please talk to me personally at (502) 472-3042 and I want to help. But for some common needs that I simply cannot provide, I want to recommend some friends for you to consider.

-Gus, May 2024


CrossFit Golden Warrior

I was a member here and if I want to join a CrossFit class this is where I will go.

Access-only Gym

Mid City Barbell. No-nonsense, affordable, supplies chalk. Only steel plates. Cash only.

Multi-location access-only gyms

Crunch Fitness gyms dependably have squat racks and platforms suitable for barbell training. Some may have policies against chalk or being too loud but I’ve never seen them enforced. No steel plates.

A foggy gym.